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I began my modeling career quite by accident when I was 40 years old.  I was taking my daughter to her fitting for the  "Back to School" fashion show that she was to model in later that week. B.J. Arnett (Rucker at that time) was the show producer, and when she saw me she asked if I could model. Without thinking too long, I said "Yes!" I was booked for the show without any previous experience. I must say that I wasn't very good on the runway then but there was a very positive reaction from the audience, having never seen a "mature" model on the runway before, someone who was a more realistic representation of someone in their age  group. 

Since that time, I have worked as a runway, and commercial print model in various product ads and publications including Essence magazine, you will see that tear sheet on this site. You may have seen me in several TV commercials such as Pantene Gold Series , American Cancer Society,  Sparkle Paper Towels and others, and you might still see me in the light bulb aisle at Lowe's.

I am pleased to be among those who now represent the true diversity of American women.

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There's more to me than meets the eye...


Resilience and Reinvention


Click on the link above to read an article about Renee's triumph over breast cancer.  This article was originally published in Amoena Life magazine .

(Pictures above from the Amoena swimsuit catalog)

More to Come!

Don't you ever wonder the purpose of certain events in your life, trying to figure out where you go from there? Well, even if you don't, I certainly do!

One of the most challenging times in my life had to do with the after-effects of a corporate job loss. The details will be shared at another time, in another place, and in a different format but I refer to that period of time as my Tribulation Period.  What came out of that life-changing event was a dedication to helping homeless women with children and a non-profit organization named The Agape Restoration Center. I went on to serve on several Atlanta nonprofit boards after being trained through the United Way's Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP). I was asked to sit on various other committees and community groups including the Atlanta Tri-Jurisdictional Collaborative on Homelessness and the FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program and it's Allocations Committee. 

After recognizing the very difficult task of providing housing for the homeless, we closed the shelter and program and  I put my efforts and experience into serving more homeless families and individuals through a joint effort with other groups and organizations (both governmental and nonpofit) working toward the same end. 

That was then, and now my life has been turned in a different direction by yet another devastating and transformational event. That event to be shared later, is bringing about several new and very important projects, one of which is called Totally Changed Lives.

My Blog

Here's the place where I'll be sharing information, answering questions and posting my thoughts about  FEARLESSLY EMBRACING CHANGE as I embrace and move forward in my own change. Join me soon!

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